Adobe Edge Introduction

Easy to use

Use an intuitive interface that's based on WebKit, so your compositions have fidelity across modern browsers. Design engaging HTML content with an assortment of styling options and integration with font services like Adobe Typekit. Edge Animate is a new motion and interaction tool for creating animated, interactive content using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Edge Animate is designed to be powerful yet approachable and easy to us

Precise control

Add motion to graphics and HTML using the powerful timeline editor in Edge Animate. Edit property-based keyframes and use enhanced easing equations for precise animation control, or use the Pin tool to help speed up the animation process.

Broad reach

Create content that works reliably on mobile devices running iOS and Androidâ„¢ operating systems, as well as modern desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. Also, define a fallback state so your content can display on older browsers.

Reusable symbols

Create nested animations with independent timelines and interactive capabilities. Symbols are reusable and can be controlled via exposed APIs and pre-built code snippets

Rich interactive capabilities

Add depth to your work by handling user interaction and playback control. Use a built-in code snippet library, or add your own JavaScript code using the code editor.

Native HTML support

Open existing HTML pages and add motion to individual elements. Edge Animate works natively with HTML, and the animation code is stored in a separate file so the integrity of the page is preserved.

Drawing and text tools

Build compositions from scratch using drawing and text tools, and manipulate objects with an array of transformation and styling options. You can also import a variety of web graphics such as SVG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files.

Publishing options

Publish with options such as emitting HTML markup for SEO friendliness, choosing whether jQuery should be packaged with the project, or adding a preloader to specify what should be shown before the project is downloaded.

Resizable layouts

Create compositions that can adapt to different screen sizes, such as tablets and smartphones.

Web fonts

Add richer typography to your compositions by integrating with a web font service such as Typekit.

Digital Publishing support

Import Edge Animate compositions into the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with Adobe InDesign CS6, or into Apple iBooks Author.

Down-level browser support

Generate content that gracefully fails on browsers that don't support the latest web standards. Animations fall back to a static state, which you can define on the down-level stage. Edge Animate also supports Google Chrome Frame for additional compatibility on older browsers.

Mobile-ready content

Content created with Edge Animate is designed to work reliably on iOS and Android devices, and modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9.