Adobe Edge Rectangle

This lesson will show you how to create rectangle with using this properties like color, background color, width, height, x axis, y axis and opacity.

Draw Rectangle

STEP 1: Select the rectangle tool
STEP 2: Draw a rectangle in the stage

Position And Size

STEP 3: First we have to change rectangle size (select the rectangle). Before set the height value We have to “unlink the link between W and H” properties.
STEP 4: Now We will change rectangle width is 300px and height 130px
STEP 5: Change the x, y position in the place of position and size properties panel. I set x is 20px and y is 20px.


STEP 6: Properties panel have the individual section for color properties. Using this we can change the color of rectangle, background image gradient effect and border color with border properties(type, size,color)


STEP 7: Top section of properties panel, We have the following option “Always On”, “visible” type and “opacity”.
STEP 8: Using opacity percentage value, we change the value of rectangle opacity