Adobe Edge Transform Tool

Adobe edge transform tool is used to scale and rotate the selected object. Transform section contains the transform scale(X), scale(Y), skew(X), skew(Y), Orgin (X), Orgin (Y) (midpoint) and final most used one transform rotation by degree. Now we will see example. Using one text "ADOBE EDGE TRANSFORM TOOL" I am explaining this tool.


STEP 1: Select the "Text Tool" and add the text "ADOBE EDGE TRANSFORM TOO" into stage. adobe-edge-transform-tool-1 STEP 2: Copy the text and paste it into stage four times. See image adobe-edge-transform-tool-2

Scale x,y Properties

STEP 3: Select the first text and change the scale X, scale Y value from 100% to 50 %. Now you can see scaled text on screen adobe-edge-transform-tool-3

Skew x,y Properties

STEP 4: Select the second text and change the skew X, skew Y value to 50, 2. Now the text is changed adobe-edge-transform-tool-4

Rotate Before Orgin

STEP 5: We will the rotation and orgin properties together. When we use this same time, We can understand easily. STEP 6: Select the third text and change the rotation value to 90. Now the text was rotated 90 degree. see image adobe-edge-transform-tool-5

Rotate After Orgin

STEP 7: First select the fouth text. Now change the transform orgin value from 50,50 to 100,100. We changed center midpoint to right corner midpoint. STEP8: Change the rotation value to 90 degree. See the difference before orgin and after orgin.Based on the orgin point the text was rotated adobe-edge-transform-tool-6