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  • Yii 1.0 Form Label Configuration

    This tutorial will help your to add the span, class, style etc for the Yii Form Label (Yii Framework 1.x). We can give ajax parameter using the below code. It will helpful for dynamic form requirement and validation.

  • Yii SQL Query To CGridview

    CSqlDataProvider implements a data provider based on a plain SQL statement. This tutorial will help you to display the custom sql query result into cgridview as normal crud view.

  • Breadcrumbs Widget In Yii Framework1.0

    CBreadcrumbs displays a list of links indicating the position of the current page in the whole website. To use CBreadcrumbs, one usually needs to configure its links property, which specifies the links to be displayed.

  • Scenarios validation In Yii 1.0

    Scenarios validation is the one of the useful future in yii framwork and seperating the validation on any class derived from CModel. For example user registeration and updation will have different validation

  • MetaTags In Yii Framework 1.0

    Yii 1.0 Framwork MetaTag Script like keywords, description, robots etc. Registers a meta tag that will be inserted in the head section of the display page.