• CodeIgniter Autoload

    To autoload resources, open the application/config/autoload.php file and add the item you want loaded to the autoload array.

  • CodeIgniter Database Configuration

    The database.php file contains all the information to connect to a database. A Database is required for most web application programming. CodeIgniter supported databases are MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi, MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite, and ODBC

  • CodeIgniter Configuration

    This config.php file are located under application/config filder or your own custom configuration file. This class is initialized automatically by the system so there is no need to do it manually.

  • CodeIgniter URL Helper

    The URL Helper file contains functions that assist in working with URLs. The helper('url') class is used to load the url helper class

  • What is CodeIgniter?

    CodeIgniter is an Application Development Framework - a toolkit - for people who build web sites using PHP. Its goal to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch