MySQL Tutorial Tutorials

MySQL Introduction and Features

What is MySQLMySql RDBMSMySql Open SourceMySql LimitsMySql Connectivity LanguagesMySql LicenseMySql Features And VersionsWhat is MySQL?A database is a structured collection of data. It may be text, number, images etc. As a developer, we need to manage the database to store , access and modify.Mysql is the database management system. MySQL (My Sequel) is the world’s most used open source relational database management system (RDBMS) and it is a popular choice […]... Read More »

MYSQL Numeric Data Types

This tutorial will help you to understand about “MYSQL Numeric Data Types”.Storage Required For Numeic TypesInteger TypesStorage Required For Numeic TypesData TypeStorage RequiredTINY INT1 byteSMALL INT2 bytesMEDIUM INT3 bytesINT INTEGER4 bytesBIGINT8 bytesFLOAT(p)4 bytesDOUBLE[PRECISION], REAL8 bytesDECIMAL(M,D), NUMERIC(M,D)Various see the below detailsBIT(M)approximately(M+7)/ 8 bytesValues for decimal, numeric,Storage for the integer and fractional parts of each value are determined separately. Each multiple of nine digits requires four bytes and “leftover” digits require some […]... Read More »

MYSQL Date And Time Types

This tutorial will help you to understand about “MYSQL Date and Time Data Types”. Storage Required For Date And Time TypesYEAR TypeTIME TypeDATE, DATETIME AND TIMESTAMP TypeStorage Requirements for Date and Time TypesTIME, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP storage details showed in following table.Data TypeStorage RequiredYEAR1 byteDATE3 byteTIME3 byteDATETIME8 byteTIMESTAMP4 byteYEAR TypeThe default year type is 1 byte type is used to represent year values. It can be declared as YEAR(4) or YEAR(2). […]... Read More »

MYSQL String Data Types

This tutorial will help you to understand about “MYSQL String Types”. It contains the storage required for string types, CHAR type, VARCHAR type, TEXT types, BLOB types, ENUM type and SET TYPE. Storage Required For String TypesCHAR ,VARCHAR TYPETEXT TYPESBLOB TYPESENUM TYPESET TYPEStorage Requirements for String TypesIn the following table, M represents the declared column length in 1.characters for nonbinary string types and 2.bytes for binary string types.L represents the […]... Read More »

MYSQL Server Connection

MYSQL Connection To ServerMYSQL Disconnect From ServerMYSQL Connection To ServerHost, user and password parameters are needed to connect the mysql server. We have to connect server like this shell>mysql -h host -u user -p Enter Password: ******* host – Where MYSQL server is runninguser – username of MYSQL serverpassword – password of MYSQL serverWhen server is connected, it show like this message shell> mysql -h host -u user -p Enter […]... Read More »

Create Mysql Database

Now we will learn how to create database. Database names are case sensitive. so we must have to refer our database in lower case “databasename” not “DataBaseName” in linux. This case sensitive concept is also true for tables.Create DatabaseUse DatabaseDrop DatabaseCreate DatabaseWhen the users create a database, it is stored as a set of files on the hard disk of the computer. To create a user-defined database, you can use […]... Read More »

Creating A Table In MYSQL

TITLE : CREATING MYSQL TABLEDESCRIPTION: This tutorial about mysql table. It contains the mysql table creation, alteration, deletion, description funcatioalities.KEYWORDS : 4mysql table, mysql create table, show table, table syntax, mysql alter table, mysql drop tableDatabase have one or more tables. Tables are used to store data. Data will be stored as row. Every row of table is called record.MYSQL ConstraintsCREATE TableSHOW TableDROP TableDESCRIBE TableALTER TableExamplesMYSQL ConstraintsMySQL CONSTRAINT are declared […]... Read More »