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  • FindAll In Yii

    FindAll In Yii

    Yii Framework. I list out all types of find, findall conditions in yii framework. It will very helpful for us. Yii find()  Yii findAll() Yii findAll() Join Yii Sql command Yii find() find() <?php […]

  • How To Handle CJuiTabs in Yii

    How To Handle CJuiTabs in Yii

    I created this yii cjuitabs article from my experience.When you read this article you can understand the yii cuitabs to handle differenct way.When i work on project, I need to assign the color for […]

  • Adobe Edge Introduction

    Adobe Edge Introduction

    Easy to use Precise control Broad reach Reusable symbols Rich interactive capabilities Native HTML support Drawing and text tools Publishing options Resizable layouts Web fonts Digital Publishing support Down-level browser support Mobile-ready content Easy […]

  • Yii Ajax

    Yii Ajax

    Ajax Submit Button Ajax Button Ajax Link Ajax Support  Ajax Submit Button Ajax submit button can submit the current form in POST method. public static string ajaxSubmitButton( string $label, mixed $url, array $ajaxOptions=array ( […]

  • Adobe Edge Audio

    Adobe Edge Audio

    Adobe Edge Audio (sound) Adobe Edge Audio With Volume Control Adobe Edge Audio (Sound) Step 1: Create new file in adobe edge. Step 2: Configure the width ,height and other proprties like ID, Color etc.. […]

  • Create Image Thumbnails

    Create Image Thumbnails

    This tutorial will help you to create “Thumbnail image”. When you upload the images using Yii Framework, You can create thumbnail image. Here i explained step by step. Step 1: First Create one simple […]