Adobe Edge Introduction

Easy to usePrecise controlBroad reachReusable symbolsRich interactive capabilitiesNative HTML supportDrawing and text toolsPublishing optionsResizable layoutsWeb fontsDigital Publishing supportDown-level browser supportMobile-ready contentEasy to useUse an intuitive interface that’s based on WebKit, so your compositions have fidelity across modern browsers. Design engaging HTML content with an assortment of styling options and integration with font services like Adobe Typekit. Edge Animate is a new motion and interaction tool for creating animated, interactive content […]... Read More »

Yii Ajax

Ajax Submit ButtonAjax ButtonAjax LinkAjax Support Ajax Submit ButtonAjax submit button can submit the current form in POST method. public static string ajaxSubmitButton( string $label, mixed $url, array $ajaxOptions=array ( ), array $htmlOptions=array ( ) ) $lable – the button label$url – the URL for the AJAX request. If empty, it is assumed to be the current URL.$ajaxOptions – data, success, update, replace,etc..;$htmlOptions – add HTML attributes here ex. name, id […]... Read More »

Adobe Edge Audio

Adobe Edge Audio (sound)Adobe Edge Audio With Volume ControlAdobe Edge Audio (Sound)Step 1: Create new file in adobe edge.Step 2: Configure the width ,height and other proprties like ID, Color etc..Step 3: Create button for play and pause the audio. The button name is playbtn.(use rectangle,rounded rectangle to create button). Using this button text We will do this play/pause actions.Step 4: Click on the “Open Timeline Actions”  from Timeline Panel  and […]... Read More »

Create Image Thumbnails

This tutorial will help you to create “Thumbnail image”. When you upload the images using Yii Framework, You can create thumbnail image. Here i explained step by step.Step 1: First Create one simple extension for image thumbnail. Add the thumbnail_images.php file into extensions/ThumbnailImages folder.Step 2: Configure the model for files. Here i just created simple model “Files” for images <?php class Files extends CFormModel { public function rules() { return array(array('images', 'required'),); } […]... Read More »