Adobe Edge Properties Tutorials

Adobe Edge Transform Tool

Adobe edge transform tool is used to scale and rotate the selected object. Transform section contains the transform scale(X), scale(Y), skew(X), skew(Y), Orgin (X), Orgin (Y) (midpoint) and final most used one transform rotation by degree.Now we will see example. Using one text “ADOBE EDGE TRANSFORM TOOL” I am explaining this tool.TextSTEP 1: Select the “Text Tool” and add the text “ADOBE EDGE TRANSFORM TOO” into stage.STEP 2: Copy the […]... Read More »

Adobe Edge Clipping Tool

Adobe edge animate toolbar contains clipping tool or crop tool. Toolbar available next ot menubar. Now we will see the use of Clipping tool. Using this tool we cut or show the specified part of one object. Just like crop function.I exaplained here about this tool from my experience. Using Tulips.jpg image i continue this post.Import FileSTEP 1: Import the “tulips.jpg” file using menubar File=>Import or Ctrl+I option. Add the […]... Read More »

Adobe Edge Rectangle

This lesson will show you how to create rectangle with using this properties like color, background color, width, height, x axis, y axis and opacity.Draw RectangleSTEP 1: Select the rectangle toolSTEP 2: Draw a rectangle in the stagePosition And SizeSTEP 3: First we have to change rectangle size (select the rectangle). Before set the height value We have to “unlink the link between W and H” properties.STEP 4: Now We […]... Read More »