Mysql Numeric Types Tutorials

MYSQL Numeric Data Types

This tutorial will help you to understand about “MYSQL Numeric Data Types”.Storage Required For Numeic TypesInteger TypesStorage Required For Numeic TypesData TypeStorage RequiredTINY INT1 byteSMALL INT2 bytesMEDIUM INT3 bytesINT INTEGER4 bytesBIGINT8 bytesFLOAT(p)4 bytesDOUBLE[PRECISION], REAL8 bytesDECIMAL(M,D), NUMERIC(M,D)Various see the below detailsBIT(M)approximately(M+7)/ 8 bytesValues for decimal, numeric,Storage for the integer and fractional parts of each value are determined separately. Each multiple of nine digits requires four bytes and “leftover” digits require some […]... Read More »