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PHP Basic concepts

What is PHP?SyntaxPHP FileHow PHP Works?Evolution Of PHPPHP AdvantagesPHP CommentsWhat is PHP?PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Initially it was called “personal home page”PHP is a opensource.PHP costs nothing, it is free to download and usePHP is a scripting language designed for web.PHP works with the web server. Ex: Apache, IIS, nginx etc which means that PHP scripts, or programs, usually run on a WebPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. […]... Read More »

PHP First Program

SyntaxPHP echoSyntaxSee the below table to get the opening and closing tags of phpOpening TagClosing Tag<?php?><??><script language=’php’></script>PHP echo The echo statement insert text into a web page. It is the common statement in php. We can echo a statement using following typesSingle QuotesDouble QuotesWithout Quotes“here document” methodSample 1 <?php echo 'Hello World'; // Single Quotes echo "Hello World"; // Double Quotes echo 12345; // Without Quotes echo <<<END Hellow World […]... Read More »

PHP Variables And Constant

What is Variable?Rules For VariableVariable TypesConstantPredefined VariablesWhat is Variable?PHP6 introduce 64bit integerA variable is a representation of particular value. Simplay we can call this “containers” for storing information. By assinging a value to variable, you can reference the variable in other places in your script and we can change the values of variables. Choose the good and meaningful name for variable.Rules For VariableAdd a $ dollar sign infront of the […]... Read More »