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  • PHP Array Functions

    PHP Array Functions

    PHP array functions allow you to access and manipulate arrays. Lot of array functions are available in php and i added most of the array functions in this article

  • PHP Basic concepts

    PHP Basic concepts

    What is PHP? Syntax PHP File How PHP Works? Evolution Of PHP PHP Advantages PHP Comments What is PHP? PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Initially it was called “personal home page” PHP is […]

  • PHP First Program

    PHP First Program

    Syntax PHP echo Syntax See the below table to get the opening and closing tags of php Opening Tag Closing Tag <?php ?> <? ?> <script language=’php’> </script> PHP echo The echo statement insert […]

  • PHP Variables And Constant

    PHP Variables And Constant

    What is Variable? Rules For Variable Variable Types Constant Predefined Variables What is Variable? PHP6 introduce 64bit integer A variable is a representation of particular value. Simplay we can call this “containers” for storing […]