Yii Ajax Button Tutorials

CHtml Ajax Button in Yii

Example 1:In view.php page Write Follwing source code <?php echo CHtml::ajaxButton( 'Submit request', array('test/function'), array('data'=>array('test'=>$model->id)), array('update'=>'#update_selector') //this is the update selector of yours $('#update_selector').load(url); ); ?> In controller.php write following source code public function actionFunction() { if(Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest) { $this->renderPartial("_form",array('model'=>$model),false,true); Yii::app()->end(); } } Example 2: <?php echo CHtml::ajaxButton( 'Save', array('user/useraction'), array('data'=>array( 'id'=>$model->year_id, 'usertype'=>'js:$("#usertype").val()', 'username'=>'js:$("#username").val()', ) 'type'=>'POST', ); ?>... Read More »

Checkbox value in Ajax Request of Yii

This is one of the way to send data dynamicallay in ajaxbutton request of yii.When you click on ajaxbutton We will get the selected checkbox value and send this via ajax <?php Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('checkBoxSelect', " function callData() { fileid= $(\"input[name='usergroup[]']:checked\").map(function() { return this.value; }).get(); return 'id='+fileid; } "); ?> <?php echo CHtml::ajaxButton( 'User',CController::createUrl('user/active'), array( 'type' =>'POST', 'data'=>"js:callData()", //or append data here 'url'=> 'user/active', ), array('id'=>'activebtn') ); ?>... Read More »

Yii Ajax

Ajax Submit ButtonAjax ButtonAjax LinkAjax Support Ajax Submit ButtonAjax submit button can submit the current form in POST method. public static string ajaxSubmitButton( string $label, mixed $url, array $ajaxOptions=array ( ), array $htmlOptions=array ( ) ) $lable – the button label$url – the URL for the AJAX request. If empty, it is assumed to be the current URL.$ajaxOptions – data, success, update, replace,etc..;$htmlOptions – add HTML attributes here ex. name, id […]... Read More »