Yii Excel Tutorials

Yii CActiveDataProvider To Excel

CActiveDataProvider To ExcelCGridview To Export ExcelDownload PHPExcel from http://www.codeplex.com/PHPExcel and extract it. Now you will get the following folder structure/Classes/Documentation/Tests…and more files or folder.Rename “Classes” to “phpexcel” and paste it into “protected/extension” folder.Download yii extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/eexcelview/files/EExcelView0.33.zip and include it into extension.Yii CActiveDataProvider To Excel. Add the “excel” extension into extension folder to download the sql data to excel. Using this tutorial We can download in excel file using CActiveDataprovider. It […]... Read More »

Read Date From Excel OR CSV Sheet

Read Date From Excel OR CSV SheetRead Date From Excel OR CSV SheetWhen we insert datas from excel or csv to database, Date value will not insert properly. It will get error or add wrong data into database. When we fetch the date values from excel sheet, It will be change to number of days count between 1900 to date of excel shet[“string format”]. Now we have to convert this […]... Read More »