Yii HTML TO PDF Tutorials


This post will help you generate a pdf files in yii framework. I used tcpdf to create a pdf file. Pdf file based on html page. What you see in html page, You can download as pdf using this.Download TCPDFCreate HTML2PDF ExtensionController: HtmltopdfController.phpView: html2pdf.phpView: htmlpage.phpDownload TCPDFDownload the tcpdf files using below link to generate html to PDF files.Download HTML2PDFExtract the download files and you will get following folders and files […]... Read More »

HTML Elements To PDF

This tutorial will help you to convert the HTML element in a page to pdf document. I created this tutorial with help of mPrint extension from yiiframework.FeaturesApply CssSelect HTML Elements to printHide HTML Elements from print<?php $this->widget('ext.mPrint.mPrint', array( //the title of the document. Defaults to the HTML title 'title' => 'HTML Element To Pdf', //tooltip message of the print icon. Defaults to 'print' 'tooltip' => 'HTML PDF', //text which will […]... Read More »