Yii Pagination Tutorials

Yii Pagination :CLinkPager

Create New Look For Pager Of Great Yii.Yii pagination widget is the one of the feature in yii framework. Listview and gridview have the pagination and it have the some basic properties, design and values for that properties. We can change the pager propertices and make new look for pagination.ClinkPager PropertiesPagination Lable With TextPagination Lable With Different CssPagination Lable With ImagePagination HTML OptionsClinkPager PropertiesHeader TextPrevious Page TextNext Page TextFirst Page […]... Read More »

Yii Pagination Sky Blue Style

Yii Pagination Style. Here i added one pagination style. see the style belowPager CssDisable Default CLinkPagerPager CssSave below sourcecode as pager.css under “css” folder of main directory. Then we have to call this file in “main.php” of theme file.pager.css ul.yiiPager li { display:inline; } ul.yiiPager a:link, ul.yiiPager a:visited { border:solid 1px #3ABFEC; font-weight:bold; color:#3ABFEC; padding:1px 6px; text-decoration:none; padding: 3px 9px; } ul.yiiPager .page a { font-weight:normal; } ul.yiiPager a:hover { […]... Read More »

Yii Pagination For CActiveDataProvider

This tutorial will helpful to understand about pagesize in cgridview or listview. Here i added the source code to show number of records per page. $criteria=new CDbCriteria; if($isdesired!=''){ $criteria->addCondition("status=1"); $pagination=array('pageSize'=>8); $dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider('Document', array('criteria'=>$criteria,'pagination'=>$pagination) ); $this->render('documentviewindex', array('dataProvider'=>$dataProvider, )); }... Read More »

Yii CListview pager

Yii Pager. I explained about “How to change yii pagination text”. CGridview and CListview are the most used widgets in yii. It have the pagination number and text. Here i added source code to change the text of pagination header text, previous text, next text, first page text, last page text.This is the source code to change the yii default pager text for CListview. It is also common for CGridview […]... Read More »