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  • Yii2 Transaction

    Transaction represents a DB transaction. Yii 2.0 have this feature. we can use beginTransaction function before every query.

  • Yii2 Select Query : Model

    This tutorial will help you to learn find, all, one, where, orderby, count, asarray, indexby, limit, offset, like, in, between, groupby, having, addparams, scopes and findbysql in yii 2.0 framework function

  • Yii2 Insert Query

    This tutorial will help you to learn insert query concept like save, insert, batchinsert functions in yii framework 2.0

  • Yii createCommand queryAll

    Yii createCommand queryAll

    I posted here examples of createCommand Query with properties. createCommand Properties are distinct, from, group, having, join, limit, offset, params, pdoStatement, select and where. CDbCommand represents an SQL statement to execute against a database. […]