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CDbDataReader reads the rows from a result.CDbDataReader Query <?php $cdbdatareader = Yii::app()->db->createCommand() ->select('username, password') ->from('usermaster') ->query(); ?> columnCount & rowCount <?php echo $cdbdatareader->rowCount; echo $cdbdatareader->columnCount; ?> CDbDataReader Using read(), next() <?php $record=$cdbdatareader->read(); echo $record['username']; $cdbdatareader->next(); $record=$cdbdatareader->read(); echo $record['username']; ?> CDbDataReader Using foreach() & while()foreach()We can also retrieve the rows of data in CDbDataReader by using foreach. We can go forward only and cant take it backward. foreach($cdbdatareader as $records) { […]... Read More »