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Yii AIOTree

AIOTree – All-In-One-Tree In Yii FrameworkI am creating this tree extension based on my experience. When i need different types of tree view, i am creating different widget for different tree like label tree, radio button and checkbox. So it was taking lot of time for me. Then i created All in one tree (AIOTree). I think it may helpful for your project.Documetation Topics areDataTree TypeSet Model, AttributeParent Tag For […]... Read More »

Parent Child Tree Function

This tutorial will help you to create the parent child tree concept using capplication component in yii framework.I have added the source code to create this format array. Database containing following fields. categoryid|categoryname|parentid <?php class Datacomponent extends CApplicationComponent { public $allchild; public function init() { } // GET CATEGORY LIST public function getCategorylist() { $categorymodel=Category::model()->findAll(array( 'select'=>'categoryname,parentid,categoryid' )); return $categorymodel; } // PARENT FUNCTION OF PARENT CHILD TREE CONCEPT public function […]... Read More »