Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. Shortcuts that are always turned on

Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Compose - Press Shift + C to compose a new message in a new window.
  2. Scroll Up & Down- Scroll between messages in your inbox by pressing K and J to access newer and older emails, respectively.
  3. Select a Message- select a message by hitting X.
  4. Move Between Conversations - When you're in an email thread, type N and P to move among newer and older conversations. Hit O or Enter to expand a conversation.
  5. Archive - When you're in an email, simply press E to archive. If there's already a label applied, the email will archive into that folder
  6. Reply & Forward - When viewing an email, hit R to reply, A to reply all, or F to forward.
  7. Save Draft - If you're in the middle of composing a message and want to save for later, type Ctrl + S to save as a draft.
  8. Delete - To move a message to the trash, type #.
  9. Label or Move - Whether you're within a message or have selected the message from your inbox, type L to label. A drop-down box of folders will appear. Either select one, or type the folder name to search.
  10. Mark as Read or Unread - Once you've selected a message, either type Shift + I to mark as read or Shift + U to mark as unread

Compose And Chat Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyCompose and Chat
<Shift> + <Esc> :Focus main window
<Esc> :Focus latest chat or compose
<Ctrl> + . :Advance to next chat or compose
<Ctrl> + , :Advance to previous chat or compose
<Ctrl> + <Enter> :Send
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + c :Add cc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + b :Add bcc recipients
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + f :Access custom from
<Ctrl> + k :Insert a link

Message Formatting Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyFormatting
<Ctrl> + b :Bold
<Ctrl> + i :Italics
<Ctrl> + u :Underline
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 7 :Numbered list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 8 :Bulleted list
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + 9 :Quote
<Ctrl> + [ :Indent less
<Ctrl> + ] :Indent more
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + l :Align left
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + e :Align center
<Ctrl> + <Shift> + r :Align right

Jumping Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyJumping
g then i :Go to Inbox
g then s :Go to Starred conversations
g then t :Go to Sent messages
g then d :Go to Drafts
g then a :Go to All mail
g then c :Go to Contacts
g then k :Go to Tasks
g then l :Go to Label

Threadlist Selection Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyThreadlist selection
* then a :Select all conversations
* then n :Deselect all conversations
* then r :Select read conversations
* then u :Select unread conversations
* then s :Select starred conversations
* then t :Select unstarred conversations
Shortcut KeyNavigation
u :Back to threadlist
k / j :Newer/older conversation
o or <Enter> :Open conversation; collapse/expand conversation
p / n :Read previous/next message
` :Go to next inbox section
~ :Go to previous inbox section

Application Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyApplication
c :Compose
d :Compose in a tab (new compose only)
/ :Search mail
q :Search chat contacts
. :Open "more actions" menu
v :Open "move to" menu
l :Open "label as" menu
? :Open keyboard shortcut help

Actions Shortcut In Gmail

Shortcut KeyActions
, :Move focus to toolbar
x :Select conversation
s :Rotate superstar
y :Remove label
e :Archive
m :Mute conversation
! :Report as spam
# :Delete
r :Reply
<Shift> + r :Reply in a new window
a :Reply all
<Shift> + a :Reply all in a new window
f :Forward
<Shift> + f :Forward in a new window
<Shift> + n :Update conversation
] / [ :Remove conversation from current view and go previous/next
} / { :Archive conversation and go previous/next
z :Undo last action
<Shift> + i :Mark as read
<Shift> + u :Mark as unread
_ :Mark unread from the selected message
+ or = :Mark as important
- :Mark as not important
<Shift> + t :Add conversation to Tasks