Mediawiki Skins

MediaWiki is a free application and Wikipedia is running using this application. I list out the mediawiki skins and free mediawiki skins. It will helpful to change your mediawiki themes. Also You can download the mediawiki skin using "Download" link and also demo page link.

Skin: Fratman

Fratman skin developed by Jason Pearce.

Skin: Erudite

Erudite mediawiki skin is very clean and look great.

Skin: Cavendish

Cavendish style by Gabriel Wicke.

Skin: BlueSpice

BlueSpice is a free mediawiki skin

Skin: Clean and Blue

Clean and Blue is a free mediawiki template

Skin: BookJive

BookJive is a free mediawiki template

Skin: Paulgu

Paulgu is a free mediawiki template

Skin: Tech

Skin: Dusk

Skin: SnapHouston

Skin: Drupal

Skin: Enhanced Relief

Skin: MistyLook

Skin: RoundedBlue

Skin: VbGore

Skin: Cheops

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