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Mediawiki Skins

MediaWiki is a free application and Wikipedia is running using this application.I list out the mediawiki skins and free mediawiki skins. It will helpful to change your mediawiki themes. Also You can download the mediawiki skin using “Download” link and also demo page link.Skin: FratmanFratman skin developed by Jason Pearce.DownloadSkin: EruditeErudite mediawiki skin is very clean and look great.DownloadDemo Skin: CavendishCavendish style by Gabriel Wicke.DownloadDemo Skin: BlueSpiceBlueSpice is a free […]... Read More »

responsive web design js

Javascript plugins will support for responsive website design. In website world there is lot of js available to handle responsive design website. I list out here some responsive website url. It may useful for us.... Read More »