• Custom Pretty URL in WordPress

    This tutorial will help to create a pretty customized URL for wordpress post. 'generate_rewrite_rules' action is used to create a new URL format and 'WP_Rewrite' is WordPress class for managing the rewrite rules that allow you to use Pretty Permalinks feature.

  • Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress

    Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress

    If you have question, How to "Hide Frontend Admin Bar and Toolbar" according to our User Roles. Please see the below methods to hide the admin bar from front side.

  • WordPress Admin Page Redirected To Homepage

    WordPress Admin Page Redirected To Homepage

    In this wordpress post, i added the sourcecode to redirect the page or denied the permission When the unauthorized user level will try to access the admin section. Using this sourcecode i am allowing […]

  • WordPress 3.5 New Color Picker

    WordPress 3.5 have the default option for color picker. It was cool and reduced my work for color picker. I add the source code to show color picker in your wordpress form of admin […]

  • Random Post In WordPress

    Random Post In WordPress

    Now I learnt in wordperss “How to display random post in home page”. It is very easy. Just we have to add action in “pre_get_posts” tag. I added sourcecode below <?php add_action('pre_get_posts','bscode_random_post'); function bscode_random_post($query){ […]