Yii Extensions Tutorials

Line Charts In Yii

Types Of ChartsBasic LinesChart With Data LabelsTime Series ZoomableSpline with inverted axesSpline SymbolsSpline With Plot BandsLogarithmic axis Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types etc. Using Highcharts extension I showed demo for about types.Extension Link:Yii Higicharts ExtensionsDemo Link... Read More »

Yii AIOTree

AIOTree – All-In-One-Tree In Yii FrameworkI am creating this tree extension based on my experience. When i need different types of tree view, i am creating different widget for different tree like label tree, radio button and checkbox. So it was taking lot of time for me. Then i created All in one tree (AIOTree). I think it may helpful for your project.Documetation Topics areDataTree TypeSet Model, AttributeParent Tag For […]... Read More »


This post will help you generate a pdf files in yii framework. I used tcpdf to create a pdf file. Pdf file based on html page. What you see in html page, You can download as pdf using this.Download TCPDFCreate HTML2PDF ExtensionController: HtmltopdfController.phpView: html2pdf.phpView: htmlpage.phpDownload TCPDFDownload the tcpdf files using below link to generate html to PDF files.Download HTML2PDFExtract the download files and you will get following folders and files […]... Read More »

Yii CActiveDataProvider To Excel

CActiveDataProvider To ExcelCGridview To Export ExcelDownload PHPExcel from http://www.codeplex.com/PHPExcel and extract it. Now you will get the following folder structure/Classes/Documentation/Tests…and more files or folder.Rename “Classes” to “phpexcel” and paste it into “protected/extension” folder.Download yii extension http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/eexcelview/files/EExcelView0.33.zip and include it into extension.Yii CActiveDataProvider To Excel. Add the “excel” extension into extension folder to download the sql data to excel. Using this tutorial We can download in excel file using CActiveDataprovider. It […]... Read More »

HTML Elements To PDF

This tutorial will help you to convert the HTML element in a page to pdf document. I created this tutorial with help of mPrint extension from yiiframework.FeaturesApply CssSelect HTML Elements to printHide HTML Elements from print<?php $this->widget('ext.mPrint.mPrint', array( //the title of the document. Defaults to the HTML title 'title' => 'HTML Element To Pdf', //tooltip message of the print icon. Defaults to 'print' 'tooltip' => 'HTML PDF', //text which will […]... Read More »

Yii SMTP Mail Extension

I created one extension to sent the mail using smtp methos. Just add it into your yii project and configure in main.php and send mail.Download And Add SMTP ExtensionSMTP Details in config/main.phpSMTP Mail FunctionDownload And Add SMTP ExtensionPlease Download the smtp mail extension and add it into protected/extension folder.SMTP Mail ExtensionSMTP Details in config/main.phpAfter added smtpmail extension file into extension folder, We have to give the set of details like […]... Read More »

Create Image Thumbnails

This tutorial will help you to create “Thumbnail image”. When you upload the images using Yii Framework, You can create thumbnail image. Here i explained step by step.Step 1: First Create one simple extension for image thumbnail. Add the thumbnail_images.php file into extensions/ThumbnailImages folder.Step 2: Configure the model for files. Here i just created simple model “Files” for images <?php class Files extends CFormModel { public function rules() { return array(array('images', 'required'),); } […]... Read More »