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  • Yii Pagination :CLinkPager

    Yii Pagination :CLinkPager

    Create New Look For Pager Of Great Yii. Yii pagination widget is the one of the feature in yii framework. Listview and gridview have the pagination and it have the some basic properties, design […]

  • Yii Pagination Sky Blue Style

    Yii Pagination Style. Here i added one pagination style. see the style below Pager Css Disable Default CLinkPager Pager Css Save below sourcecode as pager.css under “css” folder of main directory. Then we have […]

  • Yii CListview pager

    Yii CListview pager

    Yii Pager. I explained about “How to change yii pagination text”. CGridview and CListview are the most used widgets in yii. It have the pagination number and text. Here i added source code to […]