Yii Widget Tutorials


Tab view concept is most used one in web application. Yii supports two types of tabs. They are CJuiTabs and CTabView. CJuiTab is advanced one. CTabview is simple one.In this post, we will create the tabs using CTabview. It is simple, less properties compare to cjuitabs.CTabview is used to show the content in more than one tabs. When we click on the tab, That tab will activate and will the […]... Read More »

Yii Star Rating

Is Rating or Voting concept available in yii?Yes It Isavailable in yii framework. CStarRating class show the star rating widget in yii framework. It is used to get the rating details of user. It is based on jQuery Star Rating Plugin. We can show this star and assign the value to this stars. We can get the value of rated star value in controller.CStarRatingStar Rating: PropertiesStar Rating: Read OnlyStar Rating […]... Read More »

Yii Tag Cloud Widget

Do you know how to create widget? If yes continue this post, otherwise Please read this “Create Widget In Yii” This tutorial will help you to create and understand the cloud tag widget concept. I tried lot of formula to apply font size for tag. finally i used this “$size = ($term[‘counter’] /$maximum ) * (TAG_MAX_FONT_EM – TAG_MIN_FONT_EM) + TAG_MIN_FONT_EM;” In demo file, I used array to create cloud tag. […]... Read More »

Assign Tag And Class To CListview In Yii

Here I added the code for CListview of yii. Using this we can assign the parent tag name and class of parent tag to CListview. <?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array( 'id'=>'commentslistview', /** tag name **/ 'itemsTagName'=>'ul', /** calss name **/ 'itemsCssClass'=>'commentslist', 'dataProvider'=>$commentsProvider, 'itemView'=>'_comments', )); ?>... Read More »

Create Widget In Yii

I have learned and created new welcome widget for my application. I have shared my working experience here.What is widget Create Widget Class Create Widget View Call Widget function What is widgetWidget is a small gadget.An application or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. Create Widget Class //Welcomewidget .php <?php class Welcomewidget extends CWidget{ public $message; public function init() { $this->message=array( 'Hai', 'Yess […]... Read More »