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  • Ranjeet Kasture

    hi folks, I am beginner in yii, I have created a controller result which finds results of students using CDbCriteria, I am getting results in view but I want that result in table format . my question is that how can I and which widget should I use to display result in to table format?.

  • Vikas

    Hello Guys,

    Here, I need to save the value of checkboxlist into the database but unfortunately I did not find any reliable way to do so. Please suggest me the best option so that i can do this functionality .

  • Roky

    Hello Guys,, I use CgridView basic To display data from database, but when I run it, No data shown and its empty, i Just see the header and “No Result Found”. Please Help me

  • Vinod Agarwal

    Hi Guys,

    I want to customize dektrium/yii2-user ,like I want to add some more functionality in this module. So what is the preferred way to customize/extend modules in YII2.

    • Deora Rahul Singh

      hiii vinod
      i am also using dektrium/yii2-user after create account it is send a confirmation link on your email when you click on this link it is autologin in backend and he is see all content and edit this content so this is not good for my website can you help me so i can give access backend only specific user they can not modify any information automatically.after confirm email.sorry i can not give your answer i will put you question.

  • Hi,
    I want to import csv file content in two tables . Please suggest me any plugin or method . Thanks

  • Pankaj Verma

    I have created a simple application in YII2 and it is working fine at my local machine but giving me Not Found (#404) “Page Not Found” error when I uploaded it on server.
    Local URL: localhost:8080/basicapp/web/index.php?r=adminPanel%2Fstatemaster%2Findex

    Live URL:

    I am not using any preetyurl and didn’t made any change in web.php (just added monules only).

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

    Question URL on YII Forum :

  • Raju Paridi

    how to display an images in different styles (like rounded, bordered ) by using cgridview ?

  • nelson

    I have this query and I am not able to obtain the result of the query .

    $query = new Query;
    ->where([‘id_user’ => $id])
    ->andwhere([‘estado’ => ‘desativado’]);
    $rs = $query->all();

    • Deora Rahul Singh

      you can try this

      $sql = (new yiidbQuery())



      ->where([ ‘id_user’ => $id])

      $command = $sql->createCommand();

      $category = $command->queryAll();

      • nelson


  • Nikhilesh Gupta

    i have query like this i am ubable to convert in Yii activrecord

    “select staff_table.st_staff_id, staff_table.st_first_name, staff_table.st_middle_name, staff_table.st_last_name”.
    ” from staff_table”.
    ” where staff_table.st_staff_id in (“.
    ” select staff_subjs.ss_staff_id from”.
    ” staff_subjs”.
    ” where”.
    ” staff_subjs.ss_subj_id = $subject_id”.
    ” group by staff_subjs.ss_staff_id”.
    ” )”;

  • Bipin sv

    How check data range in yii

  • graduategamers

    I make sure click those little things goo-gle pops on your page so as to support you. Please keep on adding more to your site.

  • zack

    Hi …i need ur help in yii2 ….how to fix the timezone in my yii2 app,it’s display wrong time but in the database it’s the real time…it’s happen after i do formatter in backend/config/main.php…the time 2hours faster than real time….:this code i do:

    ‘formatter’ => [
    ‘dateFormat’ => ‘dd-MM-yyyy’,
    ‘datetimeFormat’ => ‘php:d-m-Y H:i:s’,
    ‘timeFormat’ => ‘php:H:i:s’,
    ‘decimalSeparator’ => ‘,’,
    ‘thousandSeparator’ => ‘ ‘,
    ‘class’ => ‘yiii18nFormatter’,

  • Pebam Singh

    Hi need help!! I have a yii2 application where i implemented a grid view. No biggie. But the problem is i cant seem to be able to give a link to an external link with values of the column as the value parameter eg: http://externalurl/q=column_data. Can someone help me or has anyone got the solution.

    • Pebam Singh

      Not needed anymore I got it

  • Ranjeet Kasture

    Hello bsourcecode, I am developing web application iin yii1.1 for 200 employees, where there are users like admin, employees, wholesalers,manufacturers and agents, I want to implement role based access mechanism, I found lot of articles but all those are confusing not cleared, please provide in details with code for role based access control in yii1.1

  • Rahul Ranjan

    hey please some one mail me the source code for insert update and delete data from mysql database table using yii2.0
    i already do this operation using GII code generator but unable to do myself.
    so please send me the code , if any one have

  • shreenu konapala

    Hello everyone,

    Is there any function to get user access for particular page by passing user, controller and action ids

    eg: boolean function getuseraccessbyurl($userID, $controllerID, $actionID);

    I need solution, can any one help me please.


  • Kaushal Prajapati

    Want to create database table with relation and all that stuff when class or controller initialize or using dummy initialization
    means all table definition declare in class (create table query with many2one and one2many and many2many relationship)

    reference line Odoo framework in python.

    give me suggestion

  • demo web

    in this code i got
    MailCollectionController and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named “toExcel”. error

  • naoba meitei

    how to save this
    not working
    help please