How to Enable .htaccess in WAMP Server

To Enable .htaccess in WAMP Server use the following steps STEP  1:  click on Wampserver and select apache->httpd.conf How to Enable .htaccess in WAMP Server step1 STEP  2: Find and replace the following text Find      #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ Replace   LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ How to Enable .htaccess in WAMP Server step2 STEP  3: Restart Wamp Server How to Enable .htaccess in WAMP Server step3 Now .htaccess will work successfully

  • thanks yaaaaa

  • vladimir vesely

    Windows does not allow create file with name .htaccess. In httpd.conf does not exist “AccessFileName” so I don’t know how to change name according to Windows rules.

  • Thomas Williams

    Thanks. I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to disable htaccess locally so I just put the # in. The reason I wanted to disable it is because on our server we redirect to https, but not locally. My htaccess was redirecting me to an https local site and I didn’t have one. So this helped.