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C Interview Questions 61-70

This post contains 61-70 questions of c program. It will helpful to solve c aptitude questions, c quiz , c objective type questions etc in interview. 61-70 Questions Q1: void main() { int i; char a[]=”\0″; if(printf(“%s\n”,a)) printf(“Ok here \n”); else printf(“Forget it\n”); } Answer: Ok here Q2: main() { clrscr(); } clrscr(); Answer: No […]

Find Smaller And Bigger Number In C Language

/*———- C Scanf Sample Program ——-*/ main() { int number; printf(“Enter an integer number\n”); scanf(“%d”, &number;); if( number <100 ){ printf(“Your number is smaller than 100\n\n”); } else { printf(“Your number is greater than 100\n\n””); } } Output Enter an integer number 90 Your number is smaller than 100 Enter an integer number 155 Your […]