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CodeIgniter Configuration

This config.php file are located under application/config filder or your own custom configuration file. This class is initialized automatically by the system so there is no need to do it manually. To load custom config file, we have to use the following function within the controller. $this->config->load(‘custom_config_file’); Where custom_config_file is the name of your config […]


This helper is loaded using the following code: $this->load->helper(‘url’); URL Helper See the below table, you will get the list of URL helper function of codeigniter with the output url like anchor link, popup window etc URL Helper Function Output URL site_url () site_url (‘blog’) site_url (‘blog/id/123’) $segments = array(‘blog’, ‘post’, ‘123’); […]

CodeIgniter URL Security And URL Routes

CodeIgniter URI Security How To Routes CodeIgniter URI Security CodeIgniter is fairly restrictive regarding which characters it allows in your URI strings in order to help minimize the possibility that malicious data can be passed to your application. URIs may only contain the following: Alpha-numeric text Tilde: ~ Period: . Colon: : Underscore: _ Dash: […]