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Date Picker In Yii

Date Picker In Yii. I added this articles for yii framework datepicker. It will help you to understand yii datepicker concept. It contains the inline datepicker, multiple months datepicker, date range, date format etc DownloadDemo Yii CJuiDatePicker: Default Yii CJuiDatePicker: Inline Yii CJuiDatePicker: Show/Select Other Month Dates Yii CJuiDatePicker: Display Button Bar(showButtonPanel) Yii CJuiDatePicker: Display […]

How To Handle CJuiTabs in Yii

I created this yii cjuitabs article from my experience.When you read this article you can understand the yii cuitabs to handle differenct way.When i work on project, I need to assign the color for each tabs. I did this using span. Download Yii CJuiTabsDemo Yii CJuiTabs Static CJuiTabs Render CJuiTabs Dynamic CJuiTabs CJuiTabs With Class(Style) […]