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Yii 1.0 Form Label Configuration

This tutorial will help your to add the span, class, style configuration dynamically for the Yii Form Label (Yii Framework 1.x). We can give ajax parameter using the below code. It will helpful for dynamic form requirement and validation. Form Configuration $group_list=array(); $ajax=array(); $ajax[‘type’]=’GET’; $ajax[‘url’]=Yii::app()->createAbsoluteUrl(‘ajax/grouplist’); $ajax[‘update’]=’#’.CHtml::activeId($model,’unit’); $ajax[‘data’]=array(‘id’=>’js:this.value’); $ajax[‘onchange’]=”js:resetunit()”; $group_ajax[‘ajax’]=$ajax; $group_ajax[’empty’]=’Select Group’; $group_ajax[‘class’]=’form-control’; //$group_ajax[‘disabled’]=”disabled”; to disable the dropdownlist […]