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This post will help you generate a pdf files in yii framework. I used tcpdf to create a pdf file. Pdf file based on html page. What you see in html page, You can download as pdf using this. Download TCPDF Create HTML2PDF Extension Controller: HtmltopdfController.php View: html2pdf.php View: htmlpage.php Download TCPDF Download the tcpdf […]

Yii Framework 2 : Create PDF Files Using mPDF

mPDF is a PHP class Which is used to create a PDF files from the HTML content in yii2.0. Install mPDF Create PDF Using mPDF Install mPDF Install mPDF Using Composer To include the mPDF package into yii2.0 application folder, add the following code into ‘composer.json’ file and run the command ‘composer update’. Now you […]